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Panamanian Cock……  Fighter???

Panamanian Cock…… Fighter???

Allow me to introduce you to Stew.  Stew is a Panamanian cock fighter who was retired before his first real fight.  Stew may have had another name, but my introduction to Stew went something like “If YOU BOUGHT that FUCKING chicken, it better be going in a stew tonight!” “But baby, he’s a champion cock… Continue Reading

Doing Business in Panama – Good or Bad?

Doing Business in Panama – Good or Bad?

Failing Business in Panama From Bocas Del Toro, to David, to Puerto Armuelles….  business in Panama was not exactly booming.  In fact, most of what I saw for business in Panama was not holding up well at all.  In all fairness, this is not including Panama City or some of the other current economic hotspots.… Continue Reading