Costa Rica, an overview

Costa Rica Introduction Costa Rica is getting 4 Stars from me.  This place was full of wonder, beauty, and things to do.  One of the problems I had with Costa Rica that most of it was so beautiful that I didn’t really want to do anything but sip rum and coke and relax the days… Continue Reading

Dominican Republic, an overview

Let’s not beat around the bush here, I give the Dominican Republic a temporary 4 Stars and a MUST return status.  The reason the DR is getting a temporary rating is because I was there during Easter week.  I had hoped this would be a great time as Latin America is known for it’s Easter… Continue Reading

Arrival in Santo Domingo, DR

My arrival in Santo Domingo was a pleasant one.  Santo Doming is the capitol of the Dominican Republic and is located on the countries southern coast.  My first stop after getting off the plane was the currency exchange where I exchanged a couple hundred dollars for the Dominican Peso at around the 40:1 exchange rate.… Continue Reading

Flying Spirit Airlines

Flying Spirit Airlines

As my vacation comes to an end, the time to begin this blog comes to it’s beginning!  While this will not be my most exciting topic, it was the beginning of my vacation and I need to include it in the blog.  Might as well do it while nobody is reading.  So here is my… Continue Reading