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San Juan, Puerto Rico

I left Mayaguez the morning before I was scheduled to fly out of San Juan and was excited to see some place that was more alive.  The clerk at the Colonial Inn scheduled a van to pick me up at around 11:00.  The van was almost on time and I jumped in with a few… Continue Reading

It’s Alive!  Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Continued

It’s Alive! Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Continued

Just after dark I started making my way around Mayaguez again.  I had been given the general directions towards the nightlife and I was on my way.  The town didn’t look much different in the dark as I passed the still closed store located on the square.  As I got to the area with all… Continue Reading

Forgotten in time:Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Forgotten in time:Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

When I got off the cruise (review to come) in Mayaguez I was quite excited, mainly because I was going to see a place that wasn’t a popular tourist spot. Mayaguez is a port (town/city?) on the western coast of Puerto Rico and it immediately reminded me of childhood summers spent in the Carolinas with… Continue Reading

Puerto Rico, an overview

Puerto Rico Oh, what can I say about Puerto Rico?  Oh, how about these two words…  Don’t Go!  While Puerto Rico had some truly beautiful country side it did not make up for its short comings.  Puerto Rico is getting 2 stars from me.  With some exceptions, the people were not all that pleasant, less… Continue Reading