About Me

Jason Crawford, The Gringo, in Guatape ColombiaI suppose traveling is in my blood.  By the time I reached adulthood I had lived in Colorado, South Carolina, and even a stint in Florida which I was too young to remember.  Most of my childhood consisted of a small town in North Carolina. As a result, I’m just about as redneck as can be while still having all my teeth and knowing the difference between their and there.

Towards the end of my high school years I had that all important decision to make: which college to attend…  Continue Reading


About This Blog

Directory of Santo Domingo Colonial DistrictWhile I hope you’re entertained with my stories, the real purpose of this blog is to encourage and empower YOU to make your own trip to Latin America.

My First Trip To Latin America

I was stoked to be taking a vacation to the Dominican Republic.  I was going to be joining a friend of mine who was from the DR and I thought it would be great to have a local guide.  Unfortunately…  Continue Reading


Traveling Tips

Best traveling tips 2013Here you can find the archives to all of my tips, tricks, and recommendations from all of my travels.  This also includes App reviews, products and services, technical tools and all around things you should know.  Some information here is regional or location specific and some of these tips are applicable around the globe.  Click here to be brought to these archives.