About This Blog

While I hope you’re entertained with my stories, the real purpose of this blog is to encourage and empower YOU to make your own trip to Latin America.

My First Trip To Latin America

Directory of Santo Domingo Colonial District Latin AmericaI was stoked to be taking a vacation to the Dominican Republic.  I was going to be joining a friend of mine who was from the DR and I thought it would be great to have a local guide.  Unfortunately, or so I thought, our work schedules didn’t line up the way we had expected.  I had been so excited and now it was all for nothing.

What the hell?  I’ll go alone.

After scouring the internet for travel agents that had ANY experience in Latin America, I finally sent out about a dozen emails…

And got 0 responses!

At first I assumed these idiots didn’t know how to check their emails, but I later learned that I had been completely ignored because I hadn’t used the words Cruise, Resort, or Wife.  So I reached out to “Uncle Google.”  I read all the travel websites and blogs and kept digging and digging.  After about a month I still didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the Santo Domingo airport, or how I was going to get from Santo Domingo to Las Terranes.

Finally I decided to buy a domain, build a blog, and board my flight.  I was half expecting to be mugged or arrested before I left the airport, but things have worked out great and I’ve done the best I can to help others get a better idea of what to expect on their trip to Latin America.

Update (August 2015).

Please see the blog retirement post here.