About Me

About Me

Jason Crawford, The Gringo, in Guatape CJason Crawford, The Gringo, traveling Latin AmericaolombiaI suppose traveling is in my blood.  By the time I reached adulthood I had lived in Colorado, South Carolina, and even a stint in Florida which I was too young to remember.  Most of my childhood consisted of a small town in North Carolina. As a result, I’m just about as redneck as can be while still having all my teeth and knowing the difference between their and there.

Towards the end of my high school years I had that all important decision to make: which college to attend.  I started watching my friends and seeing how happy they were with their choices.  Most of them were failing out by the end of their first year and were generally miserable.  My inner honesty told me that I was looking for a party and not an education.  I took a look at my friends who had joined the military and they were far happier and still partying after the first year.  So I joined the Army, which was sure to help me travel.

Of course, 9/11 changed the concept of military travel for me.  My plans to experience places like Italy and Korea quickly turned into a reality of visiting places like Iraq and Afghanistan.  While this may sound horrible to some, to be sure parts of it were, these experiences really opened my mind to new ideas.  Even in the “worst places in the world,” there was happiness and excitement and culture to be experienced.

At around my 10 year mark in the military, I was stuck with the 2nd all important decision.  Stay in until retirement or get out now?  Everyone said that there were no jobs in the civilian world and I would be back in a year.  After 10 years of watching some of the best and brightest of the military walk away, I realized that this argument was only applicable to those who considered the military to be another form of welfare.  If this was the best argument for staying in, I would consider getting out to be a new challenge.  I chose to take that challenge.  I got out and found another job.

I finished up my bullshit liberal arts degree and began traveling Latin America during my vacations.  It was a part of the world I had never gotten to visit in the military and the women were beautiful.  Poor management decisions at work began draining the life out of me and I finally quit my job.

I’m now 31 years old and traveling Latin America solo, full-time.  It’s been said that you never really travel alone and I find this to be completely true.  I’m currently exploring Colombia and have tons of local and fellow traveler friends.  I’m living in Medellin Colombia and doing short week and day trips to other parts of the country.

I’m now 33 years old, have a girlfriend and a baby on the way.  Rarely do much traveling, but plan to resume once the baby is old enough.  I’m still living in Medellin, Colombia and now have a web design company called Mobility Enabled.  We’re really excited to see Chile, but beyond that, my girlfriend really wants to experience Asia.

Feel free to share tips, questions, or simply follow my journey across Latin America.



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