Site Retirement

Site Retirement

I recently took a trip to Panama City.  I had all intentions of writing about it when I came back, but realized that I could no longer meet the goals of this site.  The site had been designed to talk about traveling Latin America solo and inexperienced.  When I started out, I even marked areas by their level of difficulty getting around without speaking any Spanish.  Upon arriving in Panama last month, I realized that I was no longer in the same situation.  I have a girlfriend who doesn’t speak much English and Panamanians were apologizing for their bad Spanish and heavy use of local slang when I didn’t understand them.  My Spanish is still far from perfect, but I can’t pretend that I really have any trouble with the language barrier anymore.

Also, we’ve got a baby on the way.  My days of listing the best places to pick up chicks are probably out the window.  It would be more practical now to write about which restaurants and hotels have a kiddy playground.  And the name certainly wouldn’t work.  I’d have to change it from “This Gringo Travels” to “1.5 Gringo Traveling with 1.5 Colombian.”  It’s just not catchy.

For now, I’ve decided to mark this blog as retired.  I’ll accept guest posts if anyone who meets the basic requirement of little to no Spanish would like to post.  I’ll continue to respond to questions I get in the most timely manner I can.  And if someone would like to take over as the primary writer for this blog, I’ll be happy to let them do it.

I made it through seven countries before I got around to really learning Spanish, and am thrilled to have had the experience.

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