Ms. Universe, Paulina Vega is sure to bring more notoriety to Barranquilla

Ms. Universe, Paulina Vega is sure to bring more notoriety to Barranquilla

As late as yesterday, you may have only heard of the city of Barranquilla, Colombia in relation to the oh-so-famous Shakira.  Today, as the world awakens to the news that the new Miss Universe, Pualina Vega, is also from Barranquilla, some people might find themselves wanting to know more about this Colombian costal city.  Paulina Vega was crowned last night and the news immediately erupted here in Colombia.

For most of the year, Barranquilla is not the most exciting place in the world.  It’s not on the tourist circuit, their beaches don’t compare to many of the beautiful beaches in the country, it’s not particularly clean, and the weather can be a bit overwhelming.  While it is a well known city for Colombians, most foreigners will pass it by for the Colonial Cartagena, the crystal clear beaches of San Bernardo, or the mountain hot springs of Manizales.  That’s most of the year so far.

Miss Universe Carnival?

Once a year, Barranquilla becomes the hotspot of Colombia.  Barranquilla is home to one of the largest Carnivals in Latin America and a touristic paradise for the party-goer.  The Carnival starts on the 14th of February this year and, coming so close on the heals of Paulina Vega’s success, is sure to a super-charged experience.  While the Carnival is an annual event, this year the Carnival Queen, normally the most important person of the Carnival, is likely to come in a distant second in popularity and excitement to the new Miss Universe.

I have to say, I had a great time during the 2013 Barranquilla Carnival, and while I didn’t have any plans to go this year, the added excitement of knowing that this year’s party may be even crazier is making me reconsider.  Pre-carnival has already started for this year, but if you’d like to check out the calendar of events, you can see them here:

The 2015 Barranquilla Carnival is sure to be an even bigger party after Paulina Vega was named Ms. Universe

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