Barranquilla Carnival: 09 Feb 2013

Barranquilla Carnival: 09 Feb 2013


The Barranquilla Carnival is coming up soon!  If you were planning to attend this year, you’d better get on in.

Welcome to the Barranquilla Carnival

Barranquilla Carnival Colombia: AirportThe party in Barranquilla started before I ever left the airport.  Shots, beers, and souvenirs were handed out by pretty ladies at every point on the way out the door.  Groups of men played festive music and colorful banners welcomed travelers.  I was off to a great start.  I checked into and left my hotel as quickly as I could.  I was arriving on the second day of the Carnival and didn’t want to miss another minute.


The Barranquilla Carnival Parade

I arrived at the parade just before 10:00 AM.  I spent the next half hour trying to decide where I needed to be.  The accents in the region were so heavy that my limited spanish was useless.  I immediately resorted to the sheeple posture of following the person in front of me and predicting the questions security would have as I wondered behind groups of people, doing as they did.  At each security checkpoint the police would ask some incomprehensible question and stare at my backpack.  I would respond with “mi camera” and pretend like I understood what they were saying.  It got me through without any problems.

Barranquilla Carnival ColombiaI continued following the person in front of me, occasionally changing directions each time a new girl with a great ass crossed my path.  At around 11:00 I felt a squeeze on my shoulder and heard a deep latin accent say, “hey man, you look lost.”

“Nah, just following that ass.”

He stood on his toes and followed my gaze, giving a huge smile of approval.  “Nice!”

The series of questions about where I’m from and what I was doing in Barranquilla pursued until about 11:30 AM when this guy and his buddies started force-feeding me beers.

The Poor Side of the Barranquilla Carnival

Barranquilla Carnival GirlsIn sheeple mode, I had managed to cross the street to what was considered the poor side of the parade.  This meant that I would be stuck at the parade until it was over, or at least until the police were so worn out they didn’t care anymore.  I strongly considered crossing back to the section with the bleachers that you had to pay to sit in, but those people looked so boring.  And the people who were enjoying the parade on the free side were having quite the party.  I finally decided to stay.  I may not have ended up with the best photo opportunities on the free side, but it was redneck heaven.

Conclusion of my first day at the 2013 Barranquilla Carnival

The parade finally began coming to an end around 9:00 PM.  Here are some figures for what I had accomplished at that point: 12 hours in Barranquilla.  9 hours of parade.  3 street vender meals of steak kabob.  20-30 beers.  1/2 pack of smokes.  12-ish new friends.  600 photos (100 -ish of chicks asses alone).  1 pissed off police lady.  1 in-love crazy girl who constantly said “you is soo pretty”.  3 smacks on the top of the head with a pamphlet from the lady in the devil outfit who quit smacking me on the head when I started taking pictures of her.

For more information on the Barranquilla Carnival, check out their website.

A mis amigos del carnaval

Quiero dar las gracias a toda la gente amable que me hizo sentir como en casa este día. Si desea tomar alguna de las fotos, simplemente haga clic aquí y seleccione la fotografía que desea guardar. Haga clic en la foto para abrir el tamaño que desee. A continuación, haga clic de nuevo y guarde el archivo en las opciones que su ordenador / dispositivo proporciona.

Warning: there are almost 200 photos here.  Some of the best are a ways in.  This might take a few minutes.

5 Responses to Barranquilla Carnival: 09 Feb 2013

  1. sounds like a great time, of course you got smacked on the head, it wouldnt be a story about you unless someone did something rude to you for your behavior hahaha. Its amazing that someone would pay to be bored and sobre and not just go to the free side. Does it have something to do with classism or just money?

    • Well Keith… While I guess I could complain about getting smacked on the head being rude, the truth is she was flirting with me. She didn’t hit me hard enough to hurt, just wanted my attention.

      I wouldn’t put too much thought into this whole poor side – pay side thing. It’s no different than any event back in the states. If you want elbow room and a seat where you can actually see the event while sitting down, you pay for a seat on the bleachers. Think of any event where you can pay extra for some “special” seating that’s more comfortable, or you can get the cheap tickets in the mosh pit. Which do you prefer?

  2. i meet you saturday at batalla de flores i told you i was from jersey im sure you saw lot of asses lol and im sure you had lots of fun im glad you loved my country and its festivities

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