Colombian Weather

Colombian Weather

It’s not uncommon to be asked about the weather here in Medellin.  “How’s the weather?”  Simple enough usually, it’s either raining or it isn’t.  But the question that I have a hard time answering is “How are the winters?”

For anyone who’s lived in this region of the world, you understand Colombian weather and don’t need to continue reading.

For the rest of you…  There is no winter!

Because we’re so close to the Equator the temperature doesn’t vary much.  Here in Medellin the record high is 92.5° F which is a mere 46.5° difference from the record low of 46° F.  The average highs and lows are within 20° of each other (According to a table shown here).  This is the norm for the country and in most regions of the world that are close to the Equator.  Some other regions of the world may be more effected by ocean currents and yada yada, but things don’t change that much here in Colombia.  Each location pretty much has stable weather and here you can see the climate of several Colombian cities.

“But I enjoy having 4 seasons…”

Well guess what…

You can choose the Colombian weather you want!

Of course it’s nice to have a change in the weather.  But going from 30 in the winter to over 100 in the coastal Carolina’s can get real old.  Yeah, those hot days are great for being around sexy women in bikini’s at the beach.  But when you have to wear a suit to a meeting you’re praying you don’t smell like wet dog after all the sweating you did walking from the car to the office.  No, thanks!

Here in Colombia, if I want some hot beach wether I go to the beach.  If I’m in the mood for a cold night crafted perfectly for snuggling with a hot chick, book a hotel with a fireplace an hour up the mountains.  Normally the city of eternal spring is just perfect for me.

Understanding the weather

There’s really only two things you need to know to understand Colombian weather.  First is that regions have varying rainfall and humidity.  It rains a lot in the rain forest, the desert doesn’t get much rain, it’s very humid on the coast, etc…  Colombia has five regions and I’m not going to bore you with the rest of that.  If you want to know more you can click the links above.

Second, elevation controls the temperature.  The higher you are the colder it gets.  Even within Medellin I can sit on my balcony in the valley with a wife beater on, but still need a sweater up in Las Palmas (a neighborhood of Medellin with higher elevation).  Santa Elana about an hour away, can get rather cold.  Sante Fe a couple hours away, can get pretty hot.  And if you don’t like the cold OR the heat, you can find your happy place at a particular altitude.  There are cities and towns all over the place to choose from and pick the weather that’s perfect for you.

Beautiful weather near Medellin Colombia

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