Important Charity.  Please Help

Important Charity. Please Help

Earlier this week I was asked to help out with the construction of an orphanage here in Medellin.  I figured a little manual labor might be good for this fatty so I told my buddy to pick me up on his way.  I spent the next 6 hours hauling buckets full of cement up stairs to lay the floor of the second story.  While I’m sure there was an easier way to move the cement, I made it out with only a few cuts and bruises.

Right shoulderDuring the short breaks and stalls I got the chance to chat with the guy who was organizing the gringos.  It turns out that the orphanage needs some real help.  I’m just going to give a quick intro to this cause and explain some aspects that aren’t abundantly clear on the donation page.

Juventud Con Una Misión / Misericordia Medellin (Youth With A Mission) is an orphanage here in Medellin that cares for 50 children effected by the Guerrilla Wars and children rescued from child prostitution.  The orphanage has until the end of the year to find a new home for the children.  They’ve managed to buy a lot and begin construction on a new home but they don’t currently have the funds to complete the building.  They are asking for help raising $15,000.  It is expected to cost $20-25K to finish construction but they’re trying to raise $15K through international donations.  This is what the group needs to keep 50 children from returning to the streets.  You can learn more from the donation page here.

Sorry for the shortage of photos.  Many of the kids were in school when I went by today to take pictures.


What You May Want To Know

This is not a bullshit 501(c)(3) with execs making millions, pennies going to the cause, and a bunch of yuppie pawns telling you how special they are.  Every penny donated will go directly to building a home for these children.   There is no government funding for this orphanage.  All of the funds they receive come directly from charity.  The staff is all volunteer, mostly missionaries and house wives.  And this is not a reoccurring issue, general operating funds are donated by people here.  They simply need a boost in donations to get this project finished and keep a roof over the heads of 50 children.

And to ensure that my money is where my mouth is, I’ve already donated $300.  Any amount you can contribute would be immensely helpful.

Click Here to read more or make a donation!

Here are some updates on the construction of the new property.

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  1. […] I don’t normally ask people for help, or to help others.  I do give 10 or 20 bucks to a homeless person on the street corner every once in awhile, but that’s about it.  This won’t be a regular occurrence on my blog, so here it is.  A good friend of mine, Jason Crawford, who I had the honor of serving with and being mentored by in Afghanistan, lives in Colombia.  He was recently asked to help out at a local orphanage.  So he did the right thing, the human thing and devoted his time and money.  He has been helping construct this orphanage on his own time.  I am going to ask that you take a look at his blog, that will give you the full story, as he is actually on the ground floor of this thing.  In a nutshell they need 15,000 dollars to finish construction.  Not a whole lot and the money is going straight to costs.  There is no overhead, no one making a profit.  I don’t usually vouch for people, but this is one man I will gladly vouch for.  Here it is… […]

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