Santa Elena: Feria de las Flores

Santa Elena: Feria de las Flores

Santa Elena During Feria de Las Flores

While there was certainly plenty of stuff going on in Medellin during Feria de las Flores, we decided to get out of town for a couple of days and check out the rural activities.  Santa Elena is one of the places where the beautiful flower art is created.  We wanted to see the pieces being built.  We found a whole lot more.

The first of the two days were pretty slow.  We took the metro cable up to Parque Arvi.  From there we started walking the park.  I couldn’t remember exactly how to get to Santa Elena, but it was such a beautiful day that we decided to just start walking.  Carlos and I walked the park for a few hours chatting and enjoying nature.  As it began to get late, we decided to take a taxi.  We never made it to Santa Elena that day.  As we were approaching the town, we came across a make-shift party area.  So we stopped.

We drank beer and danced with random chicks for several hours.  I even got to play soccer with some kids and an empty coke bottle.  There was live music and even livelier people.  At around 7 PM, things started slowing down.  It was getting cold, the band was finished, and it was starting to rain.  So we headed back to Medellin and decided to return the next day.

Santa Elena, Colombia.When we headed back to Santa Elena the next morning we ran into some problems.  The metro cable had stopped for about 5 minutes the day before.  It was only five minutes, but we had been stuck dangling over the middle of nowhere.  On this second day the metro cable was stuck when we got there.  And this time it was a lot longer than five minutes.  I finally convinced Carlos that we needed to just take the bus or a taxi.

We ended up sharing a taxi with a girl who had come into Medellin to do some shopping.  She gave us the nickel tour as we drove through the area.  She recommended we stop at one of the houses where they were showing off the process to small tour groups.  There we got to see where the flowers had been grown and get a short history speech.  Then we walked into a part of the town.  I’m not really sure how to explain it, but it’s like a small offset of Santa Elena.  Santa Elena isn’t very big itself, so a small subset of that really meant a few houses and a church.  None the less, they had a great presentation and some beautiful floral arrangements being built.

We once again headed back to Medellin for the evening.  All-in-all, I’d say the trip to Santa Elena was more than worth it.  If you ever make it to Feria de las Flores, include a day in Santa Elena, you won’t regret it.  I didn’t stick around for the main parade on the final day.  But if you’d like to see some good photos from the last day, check them out here.

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