Medellin Flower Festival: Feria de las Flores Part 2

Medellin Flower Festival: Feria de las Flores Part 2

The second major day of the Medellin Flower Festival was almost a disaster.

There were a number of events I wanted to see during the Feria de las Flores on this day.  Most noticeably were the antique car parade and the military demonstration.  Neither of these panned out as planned.  It is worth noting that this may not have been the actual second day of the flower festival.  It was just the second major day of interest for me.

Lets start off with the antique car parade.  My good buddy Carlos met me at a coffee shop on the corner.  After he stopped to get his super healthy fruit drink, we headed down to the parade.  As we approached it began to rain.  I had my camera with me and didn’t want it getting rained on, so we ducked into a nearby mall called Unicentro.  The mall would have provided a great vantage point for photos had it not been so crowded.  The streets were even so crowded that there were people hanging out to watch in the trees.  We did get to see a few of the cars, but they came by only every 10 minutes or so.

Soldier Medellin Flower FestivalInside Unicentro, the military had set up several displays and had soldiers dressed in historical uniforms.  It was fairly interesting and a nice distraction from the disappointing car show.  We chatted with a few of the soldiers and I took a few photos.  The soldiers confirmed our information for the military demonstration and recommended we check it out.

However, the military demonstration that was scheduled to be a part of the Flower Festival was no less disappointing.  The rain had stop and the skies were perfect.  We went to Plaza Mayor where we had been told the demonstration would take place.  Police directed us towards a blocked off area of the street where hundred, if not thousands, of people had gathered to see the demonstration.  After sitting on the side of the road for about an hour, police officers finally told us that there was no event there.  The demonstration was not open to the public and it was at another location.  Nobody bothered to tell the mass of people that they were waiting for nothing.

Flower house; Feria de las FloresSo we finally went back to Plaza Mayor and took some pictures of the flower structures that were on display.  While the structures and statues were enjoyable, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to see them.  There were several other events going on at Plaza Mayor as part of the Feria de las Flores.  A nearby park was filling with people finding seats to watch a comedy show that was about to start.  My poor Spanish kept this from being very appealing.  There were protestors speaking out against the peace talks with the FARC as well as other random displays.

Ultimately, while there were some interesting things to see, it was nothing worth writing home about (or writing here about).

The day isn’t ruined yet

Dolphin flower display; Medellin Flower Festival 2013Although we almost called the day a complete failure, we decided to try one more event.  The Jardin Botanico was said to have an amazing flower festival display.  So we thought we’d make it an early evening event.  Of course, shortly after arriving it started to rain again.  We ducked and darted from one covered area to another.  Our first stop was an artisan gift shop.  It was so crowded with people trying to avoid the rain we could hardly breath.  Then we stopped at a covered area promoting the local newspaper.

Finally we made it to the honeycombed area which was surprisingly dry.  There we found tons of amazing displays including the dolphins above that are made entirely of flowers.  This really saved the day and was one of my favorite parts of the Medellin Flower Festival!

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  1. Flowers are beautiful. Sorry you had the rain to interfere w/ more events. So what happened to the military demo? Is there more coming blogs about the festival?

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