Colombia Moda: Medellin fashion show

Colombia Moda: Medellin fashion show

Is fashion the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Colombia?

Evening art at Colombia Moda 2013Probably not, but maybe it should be. I often hear how people think of barren lands and violent gangs or guerrilla groups when they think of Colombia. It’s an unfortunate reputation deeply routed in Colombia’s history, but it’s a very poor representation of this beautiful country. The Medellin Fashion Show, Colombia Moda, is a beautiful sign of progress and modern attractiveness that Colombia now offers.


Medellin Fashion Show

Gorgeous women at Medellin Fashion ShowLet me preface all of this with one simple fact. I don’t know donkey-doo about fashion. My fashion sense is so bad that a friend that was over visiting me refused to let me leave the house dressed the way I was. She was so adamant that I change shirts that she went through my closet, found a shirt that “matched” my pants, and ironed it for me. But I do know one thing; where there’s fashion shows there’s going to be MODELS!!!

So, with a freshly ironed shirt I headed to Colombia Moda. When I arrived at the entrance I stumbled around trying to get my bearing. I finally saw someone else asking for directions and decided to follow them (yes, I know that’s not considered acceptable these days, but I did it anyways). I paid my 90.000 COP (about $50) and began wondering through pointlessly taking pictures.

The Medellin Fashion Show was enormous. Although I wasn’t there last year, I was told that Colombia Moda 2013 was significantly larger than the previous year’s.

After two afternoons and evenings of roaming the Plaza Mayor grounds where this Medellin fashion show was being hosted, I still had not seen a significant portion of the show. While getting to the lingerie section was obviously a priority and Pilatos Planet was a funnel point at the ticket booth, I never made it to the accessories portion of the show.

Various areas of the show had their own atmospheres. Pilatos Planet had a DJ all day long playing a mixture of classic American rock with modern American pop music. Occasionally he would include a little Latin music as well. Random groups would take to dancing in the middle of the courtyard area for all to see. There were live cameras showing the catwalk all day long and others showing the model’s break area.

There were diners serving American food next to local style steak houses followed by the occasional Italian food stand. People mingled in shade covered sofas during the day, and relaxed on the stairs as the sun went down. Wi-Fi was provided for all and gift bags and mixed drinks were handed out by some of the companies. Everyone was friendly and even the shelf stockers found a way to speak a little English when my Spanish slipped.

Medellin Fashion Show Highlights

Ass girl: Colombia Moda 2013So here are some of the highlights of Colombia Moda 2013 as I saw them.

I took two photos of this chicks butt while I was behind her. Then, when I tried to move around to get a frontal shot, she turned around to show me her but again. I’m not sure exactly what she was selling, but she was sure her rear end was selling it. Priceless!

Model with midget Medellin Fashion ShowHere is a photo of a model squatting down to chat with a midget. Sorry the photo is blurry but I was trying not to be noticed. Little dude was definitely getting his game on.


So that’s probably enough of a story, let me share the rest in photos. I’ve broken them into 3 sets.




First, a set of photos showing the general scene at the fashion show.

Of course, if I didn’t have pictures of the models I would be slaughtered.

And just to show how fair I am, some photos of the dudes for the ladies

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