Using Maps and Technology for Traveling

Using Maps and Technology for Traveling

Over the last few days I’ve had several people ask me how to do this or that with online maps (and offline).

A sense of urgency struck me today when I came across a Canadian couple who were lost under my favorite bridge.  They were carrying around the oh-so-worshiped Lonely Planet Travel Guide and trying to figure out where they were based on a tiny stick figure map in the guide.  Sometimes I just want to bang my head against a wall and announce to the world that it’s 2013!

Now I realize that not everyone is as tech savvy as I am, but there are better ways.  And I believe, with a little direction and help, everyone can find those better ways.

For full disclosure…  I’ve never actually opened the covers of a travel guide.  Looking at their map today was the first time I’d ever seen the inside.  Maybe those guides are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I want to make my own journey not follow someone else’s.  I do however read a lot of blogs for inspirational ideas.  I probably ought to read one one day.  As soon as I’m done reading that book on my Nook that I’ve been working on for weeks now.  I think I’m on page 30.

Maps aren’t just nice to have, they’re a part of security!

Sure, most of the time in most places, it’s safe to walk around during the day blindly.  You can spot a bad area before you get to it and generally avoid it.  But it’s a totally different situation at night when you’re trying to find that romantic restaurant you passed by earlier.  If you’d just marked those spots on a map you wouldn’t be in this shit-sammich that you’ve lost yourself in.

Anyways, rather than preach to you about the importance of having maps, I’m going to show you how to make, adjust, and use them.

Here is the first in a series of videos on this subject.  I’ll add more as I create them.

Getting KML files from Google Maps and other sites

How to create a map for mobile devices using MOBAC and how to apply them to Galileo Offline Maps

Resources for this video:

Galileo Offline Maps

MOBAC (Mobil Atlas Creator)

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