Speed Tour of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Speed Tour of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador was unique from most of my experiences.

I had met several people from Guayaquil while I was in Atacames.  One of the girls that I met insisted on being my personal tour guide through the city.  I thought this would improve my experience, and in some ways it did.  Of course, in other ways…

On the bright side, I got to see just about every part of Guayaquil in my short two days there.  There’s an amazing old town on a hill consisting of over 400 stairs.  There’s an interesting downtown with a bit of nightlife.  There are peaceful parks and pedestrian streets.  All of which I got to see in around 48 hours.

The other side, of course, was that my speed tour didn’t include stops for beer or to get to know the area.  When we got to the top of the scenic old town, filled with shops, restaurants, and bars I wanted to sit for a while and have a drink.

Guayaquil, Ecuador old and new“Nope, you can get a beer at the next stop.” she demanded.

OK then…

Then it was the nightlife district.  I got my beer and commented on being hungry.

“No, we’ll go somewhere else to eat.”

Alrighty then…

We were off to the restaurant area that I never really did get a real feeling for before we were off again.  When she didn’t know where else to show me, we would jump in a taxi and she would ask the driver what he recommended a gringo see in Guayaquil.   She was determined that I see everything Guayaquil had to offer, even if that meant really experiencing none of it.


Lizard in Park Guayaquil EcuadorIt wasn’t all rush rush rush.

On the day that she had to work, I got to lounge around downtown and what I call Poopy Park.  Everyone else there referred to it as lizard park.  There were tons of really cool lizards but there were also a lot of squirrels, birds, and other animals.  All of whom had to relieve themselves somewhere…

This park is actually called Parque Seminario.


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