Lost iPhone? Stop underutilizing your devices!

Lost iPhone? Stop underutilizing your devices!

iPhones are expensive for a reason!

If you’ve purchased an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product, you know how expensive they can be.  Most people assume you’re just paying for the name and go on with something else.  But if you are an Apple lover like I am you know it’s not just for the pretty apple with a bite missing on the box.  It’s the best product you can buy and you need to use it wisely.

I’m sad to say that this post is coming as a result of a friend of mine losing their iPhone.  It’s unclear at the moment if it was stolen or simply mistaken as someone else’s.   Either way, this needs to be pointed out to everyone!

Within a matter of two minutes I was able to locate all of my Apple devices this morning using the “Find My iPhone” function on Apple’s iCloud website.

lost iPhone locator

Now this isn’t perfect, but it does work and can either help you locate your phone (or other belongings if it’s in a purse) or can at least erase all the info you have on your device.

If you own an iPhone and have not set up “Find My iPhone”…  Do it now!!!

                *Almost All apple products have this function.  Use it for all of them!

Find My iPhone help screen

This is a simple thing to do.  Just go to the iCloud website and make sure ALL or your apple products are set up.  You never know when you may end up looking for these things.

Now, stop reading and set it up.  NOW!!!!!

And don’t forget to check it regularly to make sure you haven’t accidentally turned it off.

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