Guatape Colombia: the town and the rock

Guatape Colombia: the town and the rock

Guatape was definitely one of my “must do’s” in Colombia.  Surprisingly, finding quality information in english was a little difficult.  The iconic image of a giant rock rising into the sky is only the beginning of what Guatape has to offer.

Reaching Guatape Colombia

As mentioned, good information in english was hard to come by.  I got an invite from a group of Colombianas and couldn’t turn the trip down.  We started by taking the metro to the North Bus Terminal in Medellin, located at the Caribe Station.  It was around 10:00 AM when we arrived and I was tasked with finding a sammich while they arranged transportation.

OK…  Fatty was hungry, but the girls had it under control.

When I returned to the ticket counter after finding a ham and cheese sandwich, the girls had our ticket for the collectivo (shared taxi) in hand.  This ran 16,000 COP (about $10 US) per person.  Since there were enough of us to fill the collectivo it was simply a cab ride.  After about an hour trip through the beautiful countryside we arrived at the Guatape rock.

Guatape Rock

What is the Guatape RockThere are a variety of names for the giant rock at Guatape, but Guatape Rock seems to be popular.  A split in the boulder is filled with a staircase leading up and down from the rock.  A total of 649 stairs leads you to the top of the rock.  740 gets you to the top of the building atop the rock.  There is a small rourist trap at the base of the rock with restaurants and souvenir shops.  A ticket to climb the rock cost about 10K COP ($6 USD) if I remember correctly.

There is much more to Guatape Colombia, but I’ll get to that after some pictures of the rock experience.

Guatape Colombia: The Pueblo (Town)

Colorful street in Guatape ColombiaIf you watched the slideshow, you probably noticed a variety of interesting vehicles that will shuttle you from the rock to the Pueblo of Guatape.  You may also have noticed that there is much more than just a big rock to see and do.  The main highlight of the area is actually the giant lake.  It has many islands and was created by a hydro-electric damn.

After returning to the base of the rock, we caught a taxi to the pueblo of Guatape.  We had lunch and took some time to walk around the beautiful town.  As we were walking near the lake, a man with a microphone began screaming something at us that I couldn’t understand at all.  Next thing I knew we were boarding a boat for a trip around the islands.

Returning to Medellin from Guatape

By the time we were ready to leave, there were no more taxis available.  We got tickets for an evening bus and sat at a small coffee shop to wait out our time.  I took the opportunity to get some evening photos of the streets and buildings.  Bus tickets from Guatape to Medellin cost us 12,000 pesos ($7 USD) per person. The bus took about an hour and twenty minutes.

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  1. What a pretty and colourful town. The little bus/taxi reminds me of the “tap taps” we have in Haiti, less the dozens of bodies hanging from the sides and roof. Sounds like you’re getting some decent bang for your buck in terms of transportation.

    • Transportation here is pretty cheap and efficient. Probably the best I’ve ever seen for quality and price. It’s a little more expensive than say, Nicaragua, but I’ve never been pilled into a vehicle that looks like it’s about to break down here. The regular busses can get packed to standing room only sometimes, but that’s normally a pretty short trip.

      I’ve really enjoyed some of your stuff by the way!

    • Glad it was helpful. Let me know what kind of info you’re looking for and I’ll try to include it in future posts. If you have questions on other posts, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

  2. I discovered Guatape’ Rock through a Pinterest site. I have never seen it before, but once I looked at your pics, it immediately went on my ‘bucket list’. We are booked for trips and cruises through the end of the year, but a trip here will be my first plan for 2015. Thank you so much for your information.

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