The Chino’s in Medellin Colombia

The Chino’s in Medellin Colombia

There is no China Town in Medellin Colombia

Kid from Medellin ColombiaBut that hasn’t stopped me from looking for Chinese.  Apparently others are looking for Chinos too.  Like this kid.

Tim and I were were taking a stroll of the stadium are and found a shop selling jogging pants.  I happened to want jogging pants and decided to stop to check them out.  That’s when this kid showed up.

He seemed a little confused when I asked him to slow down so that I could understand.  He was further confused when I explained that I don’t speak much spanish.  The man who sold me the pants explained to the youngster that we were foreigners.  The kid excitedly announced “Chinos!”

“Ha, no Americano” the old man explained.

The kid looked shocked and stared for a minute.  Then he hopped on his bike and started to ride off.  After about 30 feet he turned around and stared for another minute or two before riding off completely dumbstruck.  Welcome to Medellin Colombia!

Tim’s formal introduction

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember Tim from my Nicaragua trip.  Well, he’s here with me in Medellin Colombia and has decided he wants to share some of his travel stories.  I’ve happily added him as a contributor here at

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  1. WOW this whole adventure sounds wonderful and a little scary. How save is it there for people like me who can not defend themselves the way you can? Are you planning on staying there or coming back to the states? Questions Questions I have questions. I love you very much. BE SAFE!!

    • How safe is it??? Think any other big city, there are parts of town you shouldn’t be in at night and parts that are perfectly safe. So long as poor spanish doesn’t feed you bad directions and you don’t go searching out the bad neighborhoods, anyone should be safe.

      But, to be completely honest, I would recommend holding off on this city unless you come while I’m still here or your spanish is pretty good. Not a whole lot of english spoken here. But really, as long as you stay in the good neighborhoods it’s safe.

      My plan is to keep traveling. A little more time here, not sure exactly how much yet, and then I’ll mozzy on over to another country for a while.

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