Life Under A Bridge: Medellin Colombia

Life Under A Bridge: Medellin Colombia

It’s only fitting that I start off my posts on a city as unique as Medellin Colombia with a truly unique topic.  Only steps away from the entrance to my apartment complex is a massive intersection with a series of bridges.  Hidden under these bridges is a virtual community of shopping and dining establishments.

Under Bridge Shopping and Dining in Medellin Colombia

Medellin Colombia activity under bridgePeople selling stuff out of carts under bridges is nothing new and I was only slightly surprised when I turned a corner to find a little food shack at the entrance.  As I continued to walk, I continued to be astonished.  First a bar.  I was starting to think I might not be in a good place, but as I moved closer to the bar I saw some really nice pool tables.  The people seemed friendly and there was a large flat screen tv.  Then some restaurants.

I cut across to the other side of road and there was a line of small eateries and a bread shop.  Then some mom & pop shops where I bought a pack of smokes.  There’s even a 24 hour car wash.  Aside from the looks of complete shock at my horrible spanish, everyone has been quite friendly.

The last time I lived in North Carolina, a little over a year ago, I saw the demise of produce stands I had grown up with. The county had decided that they just couldn’t allow open air produce.  Those communist bastards would have a heart attack here!

Important Note

It’s been made very clear to me that this is the ONLY bridge that it’s acceptable to hang out under in Medellin.  Now that that’s covered, this is one cool ass set of bridges!

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