Irazu Volcano trip: San Jose, Costa Rica

Irazu Volcano trip: San Jose, Costa Rica

Irazu Volcano San Jose Costa RicaI had made plans to catch the tour shuttle to the Irazu Volcano with a local gal.  The shuttle left at 9 AM.  At ten she still hadn’t arrived at my hotel and I was getting antsy.  I figured she had blown me off but she wasn’t two hours late yet, my standard assumption of how late all women will be.  I didn’t want to wait another hour so I called.

Smack yawn smack “hello.”

“We still going to the volcano?”

“¿qué es volcano?”  A list of spanish obscenities followed a couple moments of silence as she remembered our plans for the day.  “I will be there in 20 minutes!”  Which was total nonsense; she lived 20 minutes away.

11:20 rolls around and she arrives just as I was about to sit down for lunch.  I asked the receptionist to call the tour operator and see if they did afternoon tours.  After haggling over price for a few minutes, we scheduled the tour and ordered sandwiches to go.

Finally on the way to the Irazu Volcano (2 1/2 hours late)

The ride to the Irazu Volcano lasted about 40 minutes.  I think.  I actually took my post lunch nap on the ride up.  The tour guide explained that the fog generally rolls in during the afternoon and he wasn’t sure what we’d be able to see.  I don’t know wether this was a regular or seasonal issue.  He didn’t speak English, but there wasn’t much really to discuss.  The fog rolled in to the point where I could barely see five feet in front of me, then it would roll back out to about what you see in the pictures.  This rotation occurred about every 20 minutes for the entire time we were there.

My friend, Stephanie, on top of being late had also decided not to bring any warm clothes.  I’m not sure if this was stubbornness or if she had forgotten after the late night of partying.  We were only about half way up the Irazu Volcano when the heater turned on.  The moment we got out of the van her look of excitement turned to a sudden self ass-kicking.  Luckily I had stashed away a spare sweater in anticipation of this.

Ladies, Bring Warm Clothes To Irazu Volcano!

Guys, no matter how much I put that in bold they’ll never listen.  Pack a spare jacket or something just in case.  I would recommend something to cover the ears too.

Wikipedia has more actual information on the volcano.

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