Hooked On Panama – review

Hooked On Panama – review

Hooked on Panama: Resort and Fishing Lodge

Hooked On Panama is a remote fishing retreat near Puerto Armuelles, Panama.  From Puerto Armuelles you take about a 20-30 minute trip following Panama’s Pacific coastline on half destroyed roads leading to what you might expect must be an isolated paradise. Chances are, when you arrive you will not be disappointed.  You’ll stop in a beat up gravel driveway on the top of the hill.  As you walk down the matching gravel walkway you’ll cross a line of average looking bushes that, once crossed, opens up a beautiful view of the pristinely manicured inner lawns, cabinas, and swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Follow the path another ten feet to bend a corner that opens up the view of the beautiful deck of the bar/dining area.

Chances are that either Rex or Connie will greet you at the door with a welcoming smile.  If not, walk right in and scream, someone is likely in the kitchen preparing the next fabulous meal.  On the off chance that you’re not a screamer, they have a bell on the bar that will grab their attention with a slight tap.  I’d rather scream.

I’ll let the photos tell the story of the grounds, but these Texas natives have gone above and beyond to blend comfort, simplicity, and making you feel at home.  In fact, I was even allowed to jump in the great big kitchen and make my own breakfast one morning!  (Make sure Connie’s gone and talk to Rex if you want this special treatment)  Otherwise, Connie had coffee ready before I woke up each morning and was quick to offer breakfast.    Dinners were homestyle with everyone eating at one large table and absolutely amazing!  I think they do something for lunch to but I never made it.

There are several boats for fishing that I really can’t tell you anything about.  As a solo traveler I wasn’t really interested in sitting on a boat by myself all day, but if fishing is your thing I understand they put on a good trip.  One of the days I was there they had a “girl’s fishing trip” with Connie and all the female employees (how we got Connie away for a manly breakfast).  From what I understand they caught two fish and a lot of sea sick Panamanian Ladies.  HA!!!

There is also a variety of birds that I neither know nor care about and some Howler Monkeys that were pretty cool.  They’d yell at me and I’d yell back.  I think I scared ’em.  There were chances to see other wildlife like other types of monkeys that weren’t quite as cool as the angry screaming Howlers and some more birds.  The Texans also reported seeing a whale just off the coast a couple days before I arrived, but you never can trust those Texans.

Hooked On Panama was certainly a wonderful place to relax and enjoy some time away from the world with most amenities on hand and a willingness to get anything they didn’t have.  Except for two VERY IMPORTANT things…  They did not have Señoritas to chase or Giant Anacondas to wrassel!  If chasin’ señoritas and snake hunting aren’t you’re things, this place is probably a great choice!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but I can only handle so much relaxing and the long 3 AM drives back in a taxi after my nights of drinking in town were starting to wear on me and I had to go.

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