Overview of Panama

Overview of Panama

Inspiration in Panama

I’ve been looking deep for the inspiration to write about my recent trip to Panama.  I do have some interesting stories to share, but the truth is that I didn’t find Panama to be very inspirational at all.  To be fair, I only saw a small portion of the country during my month long visit and as always, I’ve been told that I missed all the great spots.  Of course, I was told I was going to all the great spots before hand.  Take it for what it is.

Panama was by no means a bad trip or horrible experience.  I met some great people in Panama.  Like Cowboy, the frail, old, five foot nothin’ self appointed night watchman/bad ass.  Or Nana, the guy who will get you whatever you want to include retired hookers while listening to a recorded church sermon on his headphones.  No, there was no shortage of interesting characters in Panama.

I had some fun times too.  Like racing four wheelers through town on what was supposed to be a sight-seeing tour.  Or watching a grown man buy a cock-fighter only to decide he loved it too much to let it fight an hour later.  And when things got boring, I found myself stripping to my boxers at the night clubs and going for a swim off an ocean dock.

But I’d be totally full of it if I came here telling you that “I can’t wait to go back” or any other nonsense sales pitch.  There were some great Aspects of Panama that I’ll cover one at a time later, but I had to just get this out in the open.  I’ve been wanting to find a way to share my experiences accurately and I’ve decided I just can’t do that until I get this bit of news out of the way.  I was really concerned that if I got into one story or another without some context Panama would either come off as an amazing place or a horrible one.  Of course, I’m not going to write about the mundane, so take everything else with a grain of… well, this.


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