2nd trip in Latin America

2nd trip in Latin America

Latin America trip #2: A change of tactics

My second trip to Latin America started a little differently than my first.  I decided that this time I wanted to spend more time in one general area and get a more in-depth understanding.  Through a chain of friends of friends, I found a place where I could connect with several American expats and get to see some less touristy places.  Although Panama hadn’t originally been one of my top destinations in Latin America, it was now.

The other difference was that I decided not to fly into Panama city, which would have been unknown territory for me.  While I enjoy the confusion and learning curve of new places, I had already made plans for other events that I didn’t want to risk missing by being lost in Panama City.  I chose instead to fly into San Jose and move from Costa Rica to my first stop in Panama by bus.  Flying into San Jose, Costa Rica, an area that I knew reasonably well by now, allowed me to fly in and get moving with minimal interruptions.

San Jose Party

I expected to be exhausted from work and flying when I landed in San Jose so I booked a room at a quiet, semi-out-of-the-way hotel.  I was going to check into my hotel, have dinner and maybe a couple of drinks, and call it an early night.  The problem started on the plane.  I turned out to be so tired that I slept like a rock on my flights and woke up ready to party when I landed in San Jose.  This was a bit unfortunate because I had a bus to catch early the next morning.  I had my dinner and a couple drinks.  Then I had a couple more drinks.  Then a few more…

The short version of this story is that I have a bunch of photos and a vague memory of a Nintendo Costume Party.   From some of the other photos mixed in around that time I believe this party was at El Pueblo, a popular club area that I’ve written about before.  The next thing I clearly remember is the bus stopping for lunch half way to the Panama border.

How cool is that?  A Nintendo Costume Party in San Jose!!!  I wish I remembered a little bit more of it, but I do remember having a good time and some conversations where my lack of Spanish may have caused some confusion with the chicas.  Anyways, don’t worry, I had a lot less booze in Panama.

Latin America Nintendo Party. San Jose, Costa Rica

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