Meson de la Cava, Santo Domingo

Meson de la Cava, Santo Domingo

I’ve failed everyone!

Often my blog posts are timed to match the trip of a friend.  I know someone who’s going somewhere I’ve been so I make sure to have something for them to read.  The hope is that they will be at least one step ahead of the where I was when I arrived.  I’ve been a little busy lately and was just about ready to start on my most recent trip when I got into a conversation about Santo Domingo with a friend of mine who was asking for some recommendations.

One of my top recommendations for a trip to Santo Domingo is definitely Meson de la Cava.  I thought I’d send him the link for him to see my review…  when low and behold, I haven’t written one!  Epic Fail!

So here goes…

Meson de la Cava, Santo Domingo, DR

Meson de la Cava is just Awesome!  The End.

Not really.  First and foremost, I have to tell the lead up.  You see, as I was digging around for things to do in Santo Domingo online, I came across a really cool looking cave night club.  It was supposed to be all the rage and three levels of bars.  I was stoked… until I got there and found out that it wasn’t open.   GRRRR!

However, while expressing my frustration in ways that may not be appropriate for the average reader, I was informed that there IS a cave restaurant.  Game On!  But wait…  I can’t go alone to a romantic cave restaurant.  So I call up a wonderful lady I’d met in town and invite her to lunch.  If you’ve listened to my podcast/post on my drive to Las Terrenas this may all be starting to sound a little familiar.  Yes, this is the restaurant that started that mess.  The frustrating consequences of squeezing this restaurant in aside, it was a really great restaurant.

Meson de la CavaFor starters, as you drive up there is no restaurant, only a parking area a little ways away.  Until you come right up on the entrance, and I mean right up on it, you would never even know it was there.  In fact, most people I asked about it in Santo Domingo accused me of being crazy and insisted it didn’t exist.  And all you really see at the entrance to the walkway is a sitting area with some benches.  Once you reach the sitting area you can see the door to the restaurant.

The hostess meets you at the door to the cave in a room about the size of a small car and walks you down a flight of spiraling stairs to the dining rooms.  There is a natural ambiance unlike any I’ve experienced.  While it is only moderately lit, the area is extremely comforting.  The cave just seems to open up perfectly for a comfortable dining experience, save one table in a corner that looked like it was put there for little Suzy’s imaginary tea party.  When I was told we could have any table that was open, I let my date have her preference.  And, as if some sort of Devine Torture…  she thought little Suzy’s play table was “cute.”  Neither our waitress nor I thought that this was a good idea and I’m sure our waitress has back problems as a result of serving us.  And just because I know she will read this – Don’t forget about the wine glasses that were broken because you had to have the “cute” table! –  You’ll see it in the pictures, I’m slouched over because my head was pressed against a rock wall.

After being served a pretty good lunch by our crawling waitress (she was tipped extra for her efforts), we expressed an interest in seeing the rest of the restaurant.  I can’t say I would have been nearly as nice as she was as she showed us the rest of the dining rooms and the buffet that we had not eaten.  The bar looked the perfect place for a crowd of friends and led out to a lower outdoor area with more seating and a few small caves that were probably best used as a “couple’s getaway.”

I’m no Dan Brown, so I’ll let the pictures detail the scene for you.  But understand that the photos aren’t all that great and a thousand words couldn’t describe this place.  So you’ll just have to check it out for yourself sometime.


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  1. You are a lucky man to have a collection of all kind friends for what you describe, whe this woman read this will feel good *wonderful lady*

    That torture was nesesaria in your way through the restaurant otherwise you would not have much to say about a restaurant as elegant and exotic like that, I have also visited and has become my favorite place, the last time was at a business dinner i meet a lord accompany nearly 80 years and the third companion never came because he had problems with his vehicle, you can imagine how I felt, everything looked saying that girl fairly young with the old man … that gall

    Thanks for highlighting the beauty of my city

    Bianka 🙂

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