Playa Bonita: Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

On my last day in Las Terrenas I finally decided to spend some time on the beach.  Playa Bonita had light sands and clear waters but had been a view I only enjoyed in passing thus far.  I met another chick for breakfast and coffee before deciding to go hang out on the beach for a bit.

We did a bit of shopping from a highway robbery tourist store.  I picked up a towel and a shot glass, as well as a few postcards to send to the folks back home.  I don’t think I ever sent them, but I bought them.  I also picked up a swimming suit and more stuff that I didn’t have room to drag around with me.

We cruised down to a spot on Playa Bonita where we could park pretty much on the beach without getting the rental car stuck and started walking.  The sand was hot and bright, the water cold and clear.  Having grown up and a beach with great sand but dark waters, I never realized how much harder it was to jump in the water when you could see what was underneath so clearly.  Normally I put no thought into a little seaweed but now that I could see where every piece was, I decided to avoid it.

We strolled lazily further down the beach to a point where the crystal waters made a path through the seaweed and a father was playing with his children.  I dove in head first hoping the water would be warm enough once I was submerged.  I swam for a couple minutes and the water remained only slightly too cold for me to stay in.  I crawled back out onto the sand as she laughed at me for not staying in any longer.

We continued our stroll down the soft sands enjoying the contrasting views with the mountains laid behind the sandy beaches.  It was a hot April day and I was getting ready to hop in the water to cool off again when she making some sort of scene about us needing to leave.  I was really struggling to figure out what she was so worried about and convince her that whatever it was couldn’t be as big of a deal as she was making it.

Finally, after taking an exhausted breath she said “Gringo rojo” and placed her hand on my shoulder with just enough pressure to get her point across.  Less than 30 minutes into what was supposed to be my forced relaxation and I was getting burnt.  As beautiful as the beach was, I was getting bored anyways.


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