El Limón Waterfalls Adventure

El Limón Waterfalls Adventure

El Limón Waterfalls, Dominican Republic

El Limón WaterfallsThe waterfalls in El Limón were at the top of my to-do list for this segment of my trip.  Despite the afternoon showers that struck on queue every afternoon, one day stood out as being exceptionally beautiful and I decided to make a go at it.  I had already invited Annie and she was extremely excited.  she told her whole family and her sister insisted I take her instead!

We followed the directions given to us by Helena, the female half of the couple that owns the Jurassic Park Hotel (my favorite hotel in the world right now).  As we approached the town center some guy pulled up along side of us and started asking if we were going to the waterfalls.  She told him yes and he insisted we follow him.  Then a couple of mopeds almost tried to block is into following him specifically.  We did for a couple minutes, but then I got fed up with their pushiness and I hadn’t had lunch yet.  I turned around and headed back towards the restaurant Helena had recommended we start our journey from.

Annie looked completely disappointed and it was obvious she thought I was canceling the trip.  I felt like a total ass and tried to explain that we were just going to see a more reputable guy and get some food in my belly before I punched one of those clowns, but I don’t think she got it.  Luckily, once we got to the restaurant the owner spoke just enough English to explain the situation and she perked back up.  It took me about another 20 minutes to get my food and return to my normal cheerful self.  By the time I had figured out how to pay the check, two horses were outside the restaurant waiting to take us to the El Limón waterfalls.

Now, I hadn’t really decided to take Annie out of charity.  I thought this would be something I wouldn’t want to do alone, but she and our guide somehow ended up in tow while me and my horse blazed our own trail.  Either my horses name was Ay Caramba or The Simpsons were really popular around here, because every time my horse went slightly off course this little guy came running up from behind screaming “Ay Caramba” and waving his arms around like he was signaling for help.

I felt a bit like Dunkin from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, riding on a horse and trusting that he knows where we we’re going because I sure as hell didn’t.  Once we got to know each other a bit things went smoothly and we did a little exploring and ignored the guy screaming from behind.  We took the horses to the top of a mountain and tied them to a tree at the souvenir shop while the three of us walked down rock stairs to a set of falls, then around them to the huge cascading falls with a swimming hole.  The guide watched our stuff while we went for a swim and checked out the area.

I would tell you all about how big and amazing these falls were, but you can look at the pictures yourself.  All that I can tell you that you can’t see for yourself is that the people there were really friendly and everyone was having a great time.

After a while we packed it up and started climbing back up to the horses.  It was obvious that Annie was a flat lander because she was having a hard time making it up the mountain.  There were two rather large American girls in the pool at the falls when we left.  I have no idea how they survived, or if they survived, the trip back up.

Ay Caramba seemed a whole lot more excited to be going home than he was to be climbing the mountain.  He took us out of there at a decent trot that shook me a few times as he almost fell off of the steep trail.  He may not have been the biggest horse I’d ever seen but he was sure big enough to crush me if he landed on me.  He usually listened and slowed down when I pulled the reigns.  Usually.

As we we’re leaving the park it started to pour.  Is was cold and we were all soaked, but it had been worth the trip.  Total cost was about $30-40 for several hours.

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  1. beautiful falls. beautiful countryside. Particularly liked the weight bench. Necessity is the mother of invention!
    Keep the articles coming.

  2. It’s downright irresponsible to write a ‘TR’ like this and not include pictures of this Annie girl or her sister!

    Anyhow…place looks gorgeous!

    • Well, Mr. Thai Guy, seems like this will encourage you to put some common sense to my previous post to figure out what she looks like. And her sister wasn’t all that photogenic.

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