Ladies of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Ladies of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

What about the Ladies?

Well, Let’s be honest for a moment.  Most of my readers are not philanthropists and this is all some really car about.  I did not find Las Terrenas to be the gold mine of beautiful women.  Of course, I can’t really prove that because I apparently took no pictures of the ugly ones, except a few caught in the background of bad pictures. While there were better places for me to find beautiful women, Las Terrenas certainly was not the motherland of ugly women either.  It had it’s fair share of lookers.

So why dedicate a post to these women?

Because they were the ABSOLUTELY sweetest bunch of women I’ve ever met outside of a strip club!  If American women were this nice I’d never leave the country.  I think I only met one who spoke English, a waitress at Mama’s Place, but there was no confusing the sincerity and general kindness of all the women here.  The ladies of Las Terrenas were very reserved for the most part, while gleaming with a happiness and excitement for life that was contagious.  Their politeness was almost enough to make you forget that you were in Latin America…  until they got into a group…

That’s when the the stereotypical feistiness comes out with the slash-claw-bite.  Unlike many places where a male intruder to this battle is simply a lamb in the slaughter, here the battle will usually be postponed if you enter the scene.  It’s almost like the culture still knows how to act civilized in front of guests, unlike the US where people make as big a fool of themselves as possible in hopes of making it on YouTube.

Best of all, there’s absolutely none of that femi-nazi bullshit here.  Men are expected to act like men.  That means pay for dinner, open doors, be decisive and so on.  I may actually be wrong with the opening doors thing since there aren’t many doors there, but you get the point.  Of course, being an American, this is something you almost associate with hookers these days so it was almost a culture shock for me.  It took me a few days to fall back into that flow and not wonder how much she was charging for simply being so nice.

A Bit About Annie

First of all, her name wasn’t Annie but I couldn’t pronounce it properly and I need to use a name so let’s move on.

Annie was one of the chicas I hung out with in Las Terrenas.  I don’t believe she had ever left the little town and the first time we rode up to where I was staying she seemed petrified of the mountains.  Of course, it could have been fear of riding into the mountains with a Gringo, but it seemed as though she was actually afraid of the mountains.  Although it was only about five minutes from the town of Las Terrenas, my understanding is that there are many people there who have never actually been into the mountains and they don’t care to.  I found myself trapped between entertained and concerned by her fear.  For the entire first trip she seemed to be looking around every corner waiting for a mountain lion to jump out and snatch her up.  Meeting a group of children seemed to ease her fears a bit and by the last time she came up she seemed right at home.

I should also note here that there were some old men who would go into the mountains to find a special plant to make their tea out of. This tea would get them high as a kite and they would dance around town like morons.  I quite enjoyed the spectacle.  These men were specifically associated with the mountains.  Even though there were only 3 or 4 from what I could tell, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to think that she assumed the mountains were full of these nut jobs.  At one point I believe she tried to explain this to me, but the language barrier makes it impossible for me to know for sure.  She could have been telling me that men were being eaten by crazy mountain lions and I wouldn’t have known the difference really.  Or maybe that it was crazy for her to go into the mountains with a strange man.  You can be the judge of why she was scared but I’m blaming it on the druggie dudes.

There were also a few times she came up because we had plans to do something and the rain put a hold on the plans.  It seemed to rain just about every time I wanted to do some sort of outdoor activity.  Annie seemed content to just lounge around reading the children’s books I had picked up in Santo Domingo to help me learn Spanish.  At first this caused me to wonder about her reading skills, but I guess she just didn’t feel the need to bang her head against the wall with boredom as I did.  I have a tendency to go a bit stir crazy at times.

Anyways, keep a look out for some interesting stories including Annie in the future.


The ladies in Las Terrenas were wonderful, friendly, and great company.  However, it may not be the best place to goal is to find tons of hot Señoritas.


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