Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican RepublicLas Terrenas, Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic

Despite my struggle to reach Las Terrenas, this town was a little slice of heaven in the Samana Peninsula of north eastern Dominican Republic.  There was a touristy vibe with flocks of travelers trying to reach the beautiful beaches and friendly people.  There were fancy restaurants and local ones, a comfortable bar scene where the tourists were not separated from the locals and a friendly, cozy environment.

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about Las Terrenas was ATVs.  Almost nobody seemed to own a car.  Everywhere you went there were four wheelers, dirt bikes, and mopeds.  The mopeds are world-wide and I don’t have any interest in them but I love ATVs and the fact that it was the traveling norm made me love Las Terrenas even more.  I had my rental car to drive around in, which came in very handy considering how much it rained while I was there, but I was still thrilled to see them.  I would have probably been arrested for driving my four wheeler around town in the States or had to have so many changes made to it I wouldn’t want to drive it anymore.

$5 at a mom & pop restaurant would get you a pretty decent meal, and if you wanted to get some fancy European crap it was still reasonably priced.  Most of the tourists were European.  I only met two other Americans on this trip, but at one bar table I met a group of men from various countries including Sweden, Germany, Greece, England, Canada, France, and Belgium.  I never tired of the variety in Las Terrenas, that’s for sure.

And one final wonderful thing about Las Terrenas before you get to looking at the pictures, was how easily you could go from sinking your toes in the sand on a beach with crystal clear water to an amazing mountain top view over-looking the scenic countryside.  Las Terrenas was simply an amazing getaway spot for anyone who just wants to relax.  Of course, I was looking to raise a bit of hell, but I’ll tell you about the nightlife some other time.


UPDATE: 15 August 2013

A special thanks to Ms. Susan M. Grady for reaching out and sharing her experiences in Las Terrenas.  Please read her story about living in Las Terrenas from the late 70’s to the late 90’s.

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  1. After that comment and the description of the earth I am planning a relaxing weekend … there is a bit ironic that a gringo is showing me how nice it is my country, thank you for your interest in visiting DR and I assure you, your next trip will be 5 stars, because there are still many extraordinary places to visit.

    GOOD JOB!!

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