San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

About an hour-ish after getting through the CR-Nicaragua border, Tim gave me the signal that it was time to get off the Tica Bus.  We were at a bump in the road town that consisted of a couple local restaurants and a hand full of taxis.  We recovered our belongings from the belly of the bus as Tim told me that we’d be catching a taxi from here.

We spent several minutes looking over the taxis in a vein effort to try to decide which one was most likely to make it to San Juan Del Sur without breaking down.  None of them looked very reliable but the price was right.  I think it was going to cost us about $30 for the trip. But before we could hit the road, the taxi driver needed to top off at the gas station near the bus stop.  He managed to get the owner to give him the gas on credit so we could get to San Juan Del Sur to pay him.

We were dropped off at a small hotel that Tim was familiar with.  The lady at the desk, presumably the owner, seemed to have a Germain accent.  The cost was about $30/night for the air conditioned rooms.  The town seemed pretty much dead with only a few locals roaming the streets.  It wasn’t tourist season so I wasn’t expecting too much and it was kind of nice to just go with the flow. I only saw two other Americans here during our one night stay and they had also arrived that day and already decided that it was too slow for them.

I took every opportunity to eat at every establishment that I could, stopping for a cocktail at every beach restaurant.  Tim showed me all of the rich touristy areas that would be overflowing with Americans during the tourist season and a couple of the local joints he had enjoyed on his last visit.  The restaurants were all nice but nothing particularly special.

Tim’s favorite place was a coffee shop named El Gato Negro.  I really enjoyed this place as well.  There was a very relaxed atmosphere with tables, couches, and hammocks for the coffee drinkers to sit back and surf the web.  The owner stopped by to say hello.  He was very laid back and just seemed to be taking it easy.  The back yard was shared with a couple of the houses that bordered the coffee shop and there was a chicken roaming around freely.  I took the time to enjoy the view of the chicken as he went around performing his art of removing any bugs from the few plants scattered throughout the courtyard.

There was also a nice resort area at the top of the hill with bungalows and a restaurant and bar.  We toured the grounds checking out a couple of the bungalows and taking in the view of the bay.  The grounds were amazing with an infinity waterfall that looked like it flowed directly into the ocean and well manicured gardens.

We went out for a couple drinks in the evening.  There was only one place that had any customers and it wasn’t quite up either of our alley’s, so we decided to call it an early night.  I would definitely recommend San Juan Del Sur for the person hoping for leisure, but wait for the tourist season if you’re looking for action.  If you’d like to know more about San Juan Del Sur, check out this website.

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