Returning to San Jose, Costa Rica

The bus ride back to San Jose, Costa Rica was neither terrible nor great.  It is, however where I believe I caught my cold.  I was returning to San Jose to order the tux for my sister’s wedding and meet up with a friend to travel to Nicaragua together.

Catching a cab the rest of the way after my emergency restroom break at the San Jose Airport, I got a room at the Hotel Del Rey (already reviewed).  The first night was simple, I had dinner with one of the local guys I had met on my previous trip.  I was just beginning to feel the cold kicking in by dinner so I decided to call it an early night.  This friend was going to be showing me several places that he had called in advance to see if they could have my tux made.

The next day, I went tux shopping.  We started early in San Jose’s main shopping center.  Most of the places we stopped sold only pre-made suits, would take too long for a hand made one, or just didn’t have any white materials on hand.  By about the fifth place I was starting to think I was screwed.  Then we started trying the more off the beaten path places.  The first place was only for rentals.  Just as I was about ready to tell my sister I would be showing up in my boxers and a wife-beater, we found the Trajes Ejecutivos of San Jose.  I’ve already discussed them a bit, but basically they were awesome!

Around dinner I began to feel sick again and this time it was getting worse.  I’m one of those people who feel fine all day most of the times I get sick so I don’t really think about the problem until it kicks back in.  I went back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep.  I woke up late in the evening feeling like straight Donkey-Doo.  I went to get some drugs to help me deal with the problem but everything in San Jose was closed.  I knew I was going to be catching another bus the next day so it was important I got something.

I finally caught a cab who took me to the hospital.  The driver assured me that it was close and the only place in San Jose open with medicine.  There was a small 24 hr pharmacy inside and after waiting in line for about 20 minutes I got to talk to the pharmacist.  No English and no clue how to say caught drops in Spanish.  After a couple minutes of trying to mingle our way through the process, the pharmacist finally found someone that spoke english.  They got me something that they promised were the equivalent of cough drops in America and I was on my way.

I went back to the hotel and had a few drinks are the bar.  Tried to work myself up into a party mode but couldn’t do it.  Ended up getting a working girl to come up and give me a back massage.  It was all I could do to stay awake long enough to make sure nothing came up missing on her way out.  Nice girl, but you never know!

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