Adventure Dining in Jaco Costa Rica

Adventure Dining in Jaco Costa Rica

The beginning

I spent most of my time in Jaco relaxing apposed to exploring.  This was great for me but gives me little to write about.  One of the great things that I did was go to dinner at Adventure Dining in Jaco Costa Rica.  Now I could simply review Adventure Dining, but this story starts way earlier!

I returned from breakfast one morning to find an advertisement for Adventure Dining had been slid under my door.  I remembered reading about it online before the trip and it was just the reminder I needed.  I was in.  But first, I needed a date.  I wasn’t about to go to some romantic dining experience by myself.  I had met a few girls in Jaco already, but only one stood out and she was just about bat shit crazy.

Around lunch time I ran into Crazy and asked if she would like to go.  Reservations had to be made 24 hours in advance so it would be the next day or later.  At first she was leery.  Then leery turned into downright distrust as she asked all of her friends if they knew anything about the place and none did.  Rightfully so, she began wondering if this wasn’t some Gringo trying to haul her off into the mountains to dispose of the body.  I finally managed to convince her that it was a real place and I wouldn’t hurt her.  Well, more likely she told enough people that she felt comfortable that I’d get caught if I did.

The next day she arrived about half an hour early and demanded that I change my shirt.  Of course, with my Spanish as it is, I thought she wanted and extra shirt in case it got cold until she picked out a very light shirt from my bag and threw it at me.  Apparently I needed to wear a black shirt to match her.  She was obviously very excited and I was looking forward to it.  The shuttle van picked us up right on time and we were off.  About ten minutes into the trip we stopped beside another van.  We got out of ours and joined the rest of the group for the trip up the mountain.

Adventure Dining in Jaco Costa Rica

Toucan and I Adventure Dining in Jaco Costa RicaWe arrived at the entrance to the souvenir shop and were greeted by the owner.  We were given a quick run down of what to expect and set free to roam the gardens.  First stop was to get our pictures taken with the Tucan.  Crazy had been looking forward to this the whole time.  That is, until she got within reach of the bird and reality set in.  She immediately ran away screaming!  It was all I could do to get her close enough to the bird to get in the same photo.  She was having no part of touching that Toucan.  Consequently, this made if very easy to crop her out of the photo (done at her request; sorry fellas).

Then we were off to the gardens.  The owner boasts an extensive garden area, but I wouldn’t know.  Crazy had worn heals that made her wobble around like she was on stilts.  As soon as we got to the first significant downward slope, she absolutely refused to go any further.  I offered to carry her but was met with a bunch of rapid Spanish in response.  The look on her face as she was speaking said “go to hell.”  The best part about not understanding her was that I didn’t have to know what she said and as far as I’m concerned she was pleasant all evening.

Then we went to the dining deck of Adventure Dining.  I poured a rum and coke for each of us, then she decided she wanted wine instead.  I drank both the rum and cokes to avoid wasting anything.  We had a wonderful dinner of fish, chicken, and steak.  I would not have considered the portions to be all that great in size, but they were too much for Crazy so I got a meal and a half.  That was enough to fill me up.  The menu boasts shrimp instead of chicken, but the owner explained that there had been no fresh shrimp that day and he only used fresh shrimp.  Bravo I say.  Nothing irritates me more than frozen shrimp!  Except maybe women who speak English when they’re angry.

The owner told a half interesting story as the food was served that I tried to translate for Crazy.  We finally gave up the translating after a while.  Dinner was served slowly and both Crazy and I were full before desert.  She tried some anyways and liked whatever it was.  The owner came around several times taking pictures and making sure everything was going well.  There was a little mingling, but Crazy and I were one of the younger two couples there and the elders did most of the mingling.  It seemed as though nobody else spoke Spanish so there wasn’t much conversation for Crazy, but we had a nice time by ourselves.

I later got the impression that the owner though Crazy was a working gal.  I tried halfheartedly to clear that up, but decided it was better to not make a scene out of anything I was just getting the feeling of.  After dinner there was a photo show of all the pictures taken and disks of the pictures were handed out.  It was a bit cheesy, but nice.  There was a variety of music, but mostly 80’s (Oh Yeah!).  Then the night ended with us taking a to-go glass of whatever we were drinking and jumping back into the van to head back to Jaco.  Of course, by the time we got done with the 30 minute drive my bladder was ready to explode!  The entire trip lasted around 5 hours and was worth the $85 price tag. I could have found a way to blow a lot more money on a five hour date in the States.


All-in-all, although maybe not all that adventurous, Adventure Dining in Jaco Costa Rica is certainly worth a try.  If you really like it the first time, it might be worth two.  I’m glad I didn’t miss the experience and I’m glad Crazy was there to say such nice things to me that I didn’t understand.

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