Puerto Rico, an overview

Puerto Rico

Oh, what can I say about Puerto Rico?  Oh, how about these two words…  Don’t Go!  While Puerto Rico had some truly beautiful country side it did not make up for its short comings.  Puerto Rico is getting 2 stars from me.  With some exceptions, the people were not all that pleasant, less people spoke English than any other country I visited, and there really wasn’t much to do.

Puerto Rico was never really on the top of my bucket list, but the opportunity arose for me to stop there for a few days and I was excited to visit another new place.  I had planned a couple days there and couldn’t get away quick enough.  I landed in Mayaguez and caught a ride to San Juan the next morning.  Then a flight out the next day.  Normally when I get to a new country there’s a great deal of excitement about what I might find.  It only took a few hours for that excitement to turn to eeriness.

Just wait until you see for yourself.

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