Nicaragua, an overview

Short Trip to Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a tough one to rate.  I’m going to give it 3 stars although I don’t have as much to go off of here as I do in some of the other places.  I spent a Grand Total of 3 nights in Nicaragua and it is going on my list of places I need to revisit.  I took the bus from Costa Rica with a fellow American I had just met the week before and we made a quick trip of the area so he could show me around.  The first night was in San Juan del Sur which was a truly beautiful place, but it was dead.  Not only was it the off season, but it was also the middle of the week.  Then it was off to Granada for another 2 nights of middle of the week off season, but there was still stuff going on here.

I was very happy that I made this trip and I will have a few stories to tell, but mostly it’s going to be an eventless country…  for now 🙂  Many people will appreciate this one though.

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