Dominican Republic, an overview

Let’s not beat around the bush here, I give the Dominican Republic a temporary 4 Stars and a MUST return status.  The reason the DR is getting a temporary rating is because I was there during Easter week.  I had hoped this would be a great time as Latin America is known for it’s Easter celebrations.  Turns out that, at least from what I could tell of Santo Domingo, it was much more the quiet holiday here.  I would compare it more to Christmas in the States than New Years as far as the celebration was concerned.  Actually, at least there are lights for Christmas in the states.  I’ll go into more on that later, but I wanted to point out that I have not yet made any conclusive decisions on the Dominican Republic, but what I saw was pretty good.

My time in the Dominican Republic

During my time in the Dominican Republic I stayed in Santo Domingo for about 4 days, drove to Las Terrenas for a week, then returned for a couple more days in Santo Domingo before hopping on the boat out of there.  The people were mostly wonderful, but I did find myself in a pickle or two.  Might have pissed of some armed guards and thought I was going to get car jacked a time or two, but it’s supposed to be an adventure, right?

All-in-all, I found the DR to have an endless abundance of natural beauty ranging from the beaches to the mountains, from personalities to the women.  The festive culture spread across the various lifestyles and they were among the happiest groups of people I’ve ever met.  I can’t wait to go back or to tell you more!

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