Costa Rica, an overview

Costa Rica Introduction

Costa Rica is getting 4 Stars from me.  This place was full of wonder, beauty, and things to do.  One of the problems I had with Costa Rica that most of it was so beautiful that I didn’t really want to do anything but sip rum and coke and relax the days away.  The other problem that I had was that it seemed a bit over-Americanized.  As you can imagine, most people traveling for anything more than sight seeing are trying to get a break from some of the ridiculousness that is found in the States.  For example, I arrived just as a new smoking ban was going into affect.  While you could still smoke in bars, even outside the airport was off limits.  By the time I left, bars were off limits for smoking too.

I spent a few days in San Jose before traveling to Jaco Beach for a week of fun in the sun.  After my week in Jaco, I returned for a couple nights in San Jose before catching the bus to Nicaragua.  I had a wedding to attend when I returned to the States and I wasn’t going to be around in time to get a tux rented, so I decided to buy one here in San Jose.  It worked out well but it did effect my travel plans and cause me to spend more time in San Jose than originally planned.  It was not time wasted though.  I met TONS of Americans who had moved to Costa Rica and many who were just visiting.  These people gave me a new outlook on San Jose and showed me the ropes.  After my trip to Nicaragua, it was back to San Jose to pick up my tux before returning to the States.

On top of being very Americanized, Costa Rica was also more American priced.  While nothing was quite as expensive as in the States, it wasn’t one of the cheaper places either.  Some of the highlights of this trip will include shopping, drinking (not always adult beverages), some interesting dining, drinking (this one is booze), and a look at some of the lifestyle here.

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