Flying Spirit Airlines

Flying Spirit Airlines

As my vacation comes to an end, the time to begin this blog comes to it’s beginning!  While this will not be my most exciting topic, it was the beginning of my vacation and I need to include it in the blog.  Might as well do it while nobody is reading.  So here is my review on Spirit Airlines…


Spirit caught my eye years ago when Mr. Bill O’reilly finally came out of the communist closet by supporting Chuck E. Schumer’s attempt to pass legislation to control the baggage charges enacted by the discount airline.  I immediately compared costs of Spirit airline and it’s competition to find that I would still be saving a ton of money even if I took several bags.  My only disappointment was that they did not service my area.  I finally had my chance to fly Spirit with this vacation.

In fact, I flew Spirit three times during this vacation.  Don’t worry, I won’t review it for each trip.  But it was the beginning of my trip and should be the starting point for my blog.  So how do I rate Spirit?  I give it 4 stars!

4 stars?  Well, it probably would have gotten only three stars if it had the same cost as another airline, but I saved so much money I had to give it another star.  Let me just tell you how Spirit Airlines runs it’s business.  They sell you a cheap plane ticket…  and that’s it.  You can pay to upgrade your seat, add baggage, or have a cup of joe.

-”they charge for coffee?”  Yes they do.  $2!  That did include free refills for me.  Maybe the flight attendant just liked me, but I doubt that’s it.  Point is that they charge for everything.  If you want free stuff, Spirit is not for you.  If you want a cheap flight, Go Spirit!!!  I was very happy with the ride, customer service both on and off the plane, and most importantly the cost.  The only real complaint that I had with any of my flights was some of the other passengers.  If you’re flying on a cheap flight, figure the rest of the passengers are cheap as well.  If you can get passed that, Spirit may be the right choice for you.  Oh yeah, and they only accept credit card…  No cash.  Make that complaint number two.  Anyways, here’s a screenshot of prices from Ft. Lauderdale to Las Vegas on just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  Get on Spirit’s website and you can really test their low prices if you have flexible travel dates.  Happy Flying!!!


screenshot of ticket prices on
Spirit Airlines Screen Shot


Prices from Spirit Airlines









Update – Con of Spirit

Your airline miles don’t stay active very long with Spirit.  I don’t remember how long it was, but I was surprised when my rewards report came up with 0 miles before my next trip.  I would still consider them if I were on a budget, especially if you don’t travel often.

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